MEGAROLL L type labeling machine is a linear type machine specially designed to apply OPP Labels fed from hot glue coils to cylindrical PET, HDPE and Glass Bottles. The operating speed of the machine can go up to 10,000 bottles/hour. 
Unlike the Megaroll R rotary type labeling machine version, it is a linear machine. In addition, the label is cut not with a single blade, but with 2 blades, one rotating and the other one fixed, and instead of spraying the glue, the glue is applied in the form of a strip via a glue drum.  

Operating principles:
The label driver, whose speed can be adjusted according to the label length and managed by an automatically controlled servo, feeds labels to the system continuously. Label guides are available to ensure that the label is moving in a straight line. The labels that are conveyed to the vacuum label cutting drum in the desired position are precisely cut from the specified points, via two blades, one in a rotating position on the drum and the other in a fixed position. The cut unit labels are conveyed to the vacuum label transfer drum and glued to both ends in strips through the glue drum positioned close to this drum. Then, the cut and glued ends of the label are brought together around the bottle that takes a rotational position on the linear line and the labeling process is completed by wrapping it around the bottle.      

The benefits of Megaroll-L:

  • Affordable for low-capacity projects. 
  •  It takes up little space in the line.  
  • It has unmatched label merging sensitivity The deviation errors at the junction of the label endpoints is almost zero.
  • It has an electronic servo system that guarantees to cut the label at the desired points at all times.  
  •  Easy to maintain as the cutting group is completely detachable.
  •  Low glue consumption (glue is applied in the form of a thin strip)
  • Changing labels is very simple and easy
  • Very little maintenance and spare parts are needed
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