The Rinsing, Hot Filling and Capping Machine is specially designed for filling nectars, natural fruit juices, ice tea and fruit flavored drinks into plastic or glass bottles ranging from 200 ml up to 2.0 liters. Natural fruit juices can be delivered to the consumers as fresh as possible, without the use of preservatives, by filling at the pasteurization temperature up to 95°C.

Filling machines ranging from sizes from 12 valves up to 100 valves with a capacity up to 50,000 bottles per hour are available for the consideration of the investors


The bottles are caught from their brims by means of special grippers and turned 180°. In the rinsing part, hot water is sprayed into the bottle. After the rinsing liquid is sprayed into the bottle for a certain period of time, the bottle goes upside down for a little more while to drain and then returns to its normal position. Operates on the basis of "No Bottle-No Spray", the nozzles are activated only if there is a bottle on the grippers to save water


  • Thanks to the electro-pneumatically controlled special valves for hot fruit juice filling, the filling operation is under full automatic control.
  • In addition, the product coming from the pasteurizer is subjected to fully automatic temperature control at every stage until it is filled into the bottle. With this method, it is always under control that the fruit juice is filled at the specified temperature.
  • The valves are brought together with the bottles by the piston, the air evacuation is opened with the valve and the filling process starts.
  • The filling process is stopped by closing the valve and air discharge automatically and the bottle is lowered 1-2 mm by means of a cam and thus, the air can be removed from within the bottle. In the meantime, the product in the gas pipe fills the space of the discharged air.
  • In the last stage, excess product is sucked from the gas pipe by vacuuming and the levels are equalized.  

• Temperature control during product input: If the juice temperature is lower than the set value, the product is sent back to the pasteurizer by a separate line at the valve inlet.
• Temperature control in the product tank: During long stops, if the temperature in the tank drops, the machine automatically switches to heating mode and the product is returned to the pasteurizer.


Various capping groups can be mounted on the monoblock body to attach different type of caps  such as plastic screw, metal twist-off, aluminum screw or metal crown.

General Features:

  • PLC controlled fully automatic operation
  • Colorful wide touchscreen operator panel
  • On screen "Error messages" that make it easy to find faults
  • Electronic speed change in main drive motor with frequency inverter
  • Closed Circuit CIP system with sanitation caps
  • Central lubrication assembly situated in a single point in the machine
  • Stainless steel electrical control panel

Optional applications:

  • Fully enclosed hygienic machine (fans with hepa filter mounted on the machine ceiling create positive pressure and largely prevent dust or bacteria from entering in)
  • Cap sterilization system (cleans the inside of the cap with vacuum before meeting the bottle and sterilizes it with an ultraviolet light.)
  • Manufacturing of components in contact with the product from AISI 316 stainless steel
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