It is a high-tech, rotary type Filling/Capping machine where separate load cells are used under each bottle. It has been specially developed for weighing and filling expensive and microbiologically sensitive products such as oil.

A special version has been developed and offered for sale for large-volume tin can and plastic bottles, which are very popular in the oil industry. With this Megacell-G series model, 5 liter cans, narrow brim plastic bottles and wide brim 5 liter plastic jars with different shapes and caps can be filled with the same machine.

Advantages of the Weighing Filling System:

  • Thanks to the weight-controlled operating system, filling accuracy is much higher.
  • The same amount of filling can always be achieved regardless of the product temperature.
  • Due to its special valve structure, dripping can be prevented after filling.
  • As the bottle never touches the valve thanks to the "Contact Free Filling" technique, hygiene is at utmost level.
  • As there are very few moving parts in filling valves, spare part and maintenance requirement is very low.

Optional Bottle Cleaning Group (Rinsing):
The insides of the bottles can be cleaned before filling by means of a rinsing group that can be placed "optionally" before the filling group. In the rinsing phase, the bottles are grabbed by their brims by means of special holders, rotated 180° and depending on the nature of the product, sterile air, water, nitrogen or different cleaning liquids can be sprayed into them.
Nozzles operate according to the "No Bottle-No Spray" principle, and can be activated only if the relevant grippers have a bottle in them, for economy purposes.


  • With the Weighing Filling System in which German made HBM branded weighing cells (load cells) are used under each bottle, an extremely sensitive filling process can be carried out.
  • With the "Contact Free Filling Technology", the bottles never contact with the valves, so filling is carried out with utmost hygienic conditions.
  • The valves are controlled by the Electronic and Pneumatic Control Center placed on the filling tank.
  • Pre-entered values according to different product and bottle volumes can be recalled from the operator panel and easily adjusted during format change.
  • Thanks to the electronic filtration program, mechanical vibrations that occur during the operation of the machine do not affect the weighing cells.
  • Thanks to the computerized control system, filling tolerance is constantly optimized.


  • Screw cap, crown cap, aluminum cap etc. The capping group suitable for the required cap type can be mounted on the monoblock body.
  • Fully automatic cap sequencing unit (stainless steel) equipped with cap level control sensor
  • Photocell controlled cap landing path
  • "No Bottle - No Cap" system that prevents cap waste
  • Control system that checks and discards capless bottles in the final stage


  • PLC controlled fully automatic operation
  • Colorful and large touchscreen operator panel
  • Statistics, error messages and error diagnostic reports can be seen on the operator panel
  • Electronic speed change in main drive motor with frequency inverter
  • Central lubrication unit situated in a single point in the machine
  • Stainless steel electrical control panel

Optional Special Applications

  • Mobile nozzles which can go inside the bottles to provide more effective bottle cleaning in the rinsing group
  • Fully enclosed hygienic machine (fans with hepa filter mounted on the machine ceiling create positive pressure and largely prevent dust or bacteria from entering in).
  • Neck transport system for facilities that only fill plastic bottles.
  • Cap sterilization system (cleans the inside of the cap with vacuum before meeting the bottle and sterilizes it with an ultraviolet light
  • Closed loop CIP system with sanitation caps
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