The rinsing, filling and capping machine is designed for the filling of milk and dairy products into glass bottles ranging from 200 ml up to 2.0 liters. It has a classical, mechanical system and fills on the basis of level, under low vacuum. Different sizes of filling machines ranging from 12 valves up to 100 valves are offered to the manufacturers, with a maximum capacity of 50,000 bottles per hour.


The bottles are caught from their brims by means of special grippers and turned 180°. In the rinsing part, water, sterile air, nitrogen or a different liquid can be sprayed into the bottle, depending on the nature of the product to be filled. After the rinsing liquid is sprayed into the bottle for a certain period of time, the bottle goes upside down for a little more while to drain and then returns to its normal position. Operates on the basis of "No Bottle-No Spray", the nozzles are activated only if there is a bottle on the grippers to save water.


Bottles coming from the rinsing section are conveyed to the filling unit via a transfer star. Filling is done on a level basis under low vacuum. When the bottle presses on the valve and sealing is achieved, the valve opens and filling begins. When the level reaches the desired point (tip of the vacuum pipe), the excess product is taken from the air return path to a separate vacuum tank and from there it is regained back to the system. In this way, even foamed products can be filled to smooth and precise levels at all times and product loss is avoided.


Capping groups can be mounted on the monoblock body so that they can attach different plastic screw caps. Optionally, two different capping units can be mounted on the same monoblock body.

General Features:    

  • PLC controlled fully automatic operation
  • Colorful wide touchscreen operator panel
  • On screen "Error messages" that make it easy to find faults
  • Electronic speed change in main drive motor with frequency inverter
  • Central lubrication assembly situated in a single point in the machine
  • Stainless steel electrical control panel

Optional Applications:

  • Fully enclosed hygienic machine (fans with hepa filter mounted on the machine ceiling create positive pressure and largely prevent dust or bacteria from entering in)
  • Cap sterilization system (cleans the inside of the cap with vacuum before meeting the bottle and sterilizes it with an ultraviolet light. There is also the option of washing the inside of the cap with ozonated water)
  • Manufacturing of components in contact with the product from AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Modem for remote access to PLC
  • Rinsing the bottle inside and outside with sterile air or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in Rinser
  • Closed loop sanitation of nozzles in Rinser
  • Foam washing system (with hygienic pumps, nozzles and valves)
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