It provides the preparation and gassing of carbonated beverages such as cola, soda and flavored mineral water.
First, the air in the water is removed in the water tank of the unit, under vacuum, with double deaeration.
The de-aired water and syrup, in-house dark syrup are mixed continuously and precisely, proportionally, by means of flow control valves. This mixture is cooled by passing through the plate heat exchanger and gas is absorbed into the mixture by means of a special gassing nozzle. The final product obtained is taken into the product tank, which is resistant to 8 bar pressure and vacuum.


  • Latest technology in the mixing process
  • High quality product and stable brix
  • Gassing temperature up to 18°C
  • Adjustable mixing ratio from 1/3 to 1/7
  • Economical initial investment and energy savings of up to 50% with a smaller cooling compressor
  • Less syrup and product loss
  • Low CO2 consumption
  • Sterile air / nitrogen gas collector that allows the preparation of non-carbonated drinks
  • Parameter control from the panels possible during production
  • Very quick adjustment opportunity during product changes
  • European origin PLC, pumps, flowmeters, proportional valves, pneumatic valves


  • Removal of the dissolved air inside the water: (deaeration)

The unit operates in two stages, removing the air in the water under vacuum and adding CO2 gas as a carrier instead. The water inlet is adjusted according to the level signal coming from the first deaeration stage. At the bottom of the deaeration section, there is a syrup section separated by a robust stainless steel separator.

  • Water and syrup mixing system:

It works according to the levels in the product tank. Continuous and extremely precise proportional mixing is achieved by mixing syrup and de-aired water through flow control valves.
In-line gassing system of the mixed product:
The mixing is maintained by a continuous and precise gas absorption during flow, with a central carbonating nozzle integrated with a CIP by-pass.

  • Gas inlet valve collector:

It offers gas inlet, valve collector, sterile air / nitrogen gas connection option that allow the preparation of non-carbonated beverages. This part is used for the sterilized gas supply to the deaerator, gassing unit and product tank.

  • Product Tank:

It is produced to withstand pressure and vacuum up to 8 bar depending on the CO2 content and temperature of the product. Equipped with a safety valve and CIP spray ball. It can be mounted on a common chassis..




Rated capacity

Models ranging from 6.000 lt / hour up to 30.000 lt / hour

Operating principle

Proportional mixing with electronic flow control valves

Syrup / Water mixing ratio

1/3 ÷ 1/7

CO2 mixing ratio

Up to 10 gr/lt

Proportional precision

0,05 Brix

Mixing temperature 

Max. 18°C (ideal 12°C max.)

Operating range 

%50 ÷ %100 of the rated capacity


Number of pneumatic valves


Number of flow control valves

3 (syrup, CO2, Water / syrup mixture)

Number of pumps


5 (Vacuum, Water circulation, Water, syrup and Mixing pumps)

Pressurized air consumption

280 Nlt/min

Water intake pressure

2,5 bar

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