Combination of Megapas Pasteurizer and megamix Mixer units.
It is specially produced to increase the quality of sterilization in beverage lines, applications where carbonated soft drinks and fruit juices are filled on the same line.

Combimix Process Block consists of the following groups;

  • Water Deaerator
  • Water and Syrup Mixing Group
  • Product Pasteurizer and Deaerator
  • Gasification Group



The unit operates in two stages by removing the dissolved air in the water under vacuum (deaeration) and adding CO2 gas as a carrier instead. The water inlet is adjusted according to the level signal coming from the first deaeration stage. At the bottom of the deaeration section, there is a syrup section separated by a robust stainless steel separator.
The water and syrup mixing system works according to the level in the product tank. Continuous and extremely precise proportional mixing is achieved by mixing syrup and de-aired water through flow control valves. With the PLC controlled measuring and correction system, the exact water-syrup mixture ratio can be obtained. It is always possible to obtain the best product quality and constant brix. Pressure and temperature are always kept under control by means of electronic equipment.


There is a pasteurization temperature recording system for process monitoring and future monitoring. There is a touch screen operator panel, through this panel, product temperature, error messages are displayed, necessary controls and settings are made and the process is maintained in a stable state. The system works in full automation by means of PLC and automatically controlled valves. Electromagnetic flowmeters are used to monitor the product flow. With the inverter controlled centrifugal pump, precise and desired quantities are transferred. Product heating is done by a wide flow “plate heat exchanger” made of AISI316 stainless steel, which facilitates the passage and transfer of pulp products. There is a "heat recovery system" that reduces steam and energy consumption. With the analog signal it receives from the next machine, the capacity can be adjusted automatically. The necessary product storage is made with the balance tank. Balance Tank is fully automated and coupled to the system with its mixer, CIP knob, level probe and centrifuge pump.     


It is a stainless-structured unit where the end product is carbonated with nozzles with high carbonation effect. The CO2 ratio in the final product is adjusted automatically by means of the fully automatic valves, carbonation pump and flowmeters in the system. CO2 dosing settings can be made easily with the parameters entered on the touch panel. The carbonation temperature, depending on the type of product, is ideally 4 to 6 degrees, although it can go up to 100 degrees Celsius. Pressure and temperature are always kept under control via the electronic equipment.


It is a hygienic tank system that keeps a certain amount of the end product, which passes through the last pasteurizer unit, to prevent loss of production. It has a stainless steel structure with a volume of 2 tons. It is used in an "Ultra Hygienic" setting with HEPA filters, rotary type CIP heads and nitrogen gas cushioning on the product. The pump type mixer which uses jet-mix nozzles provides a fully homogeneous mixture.


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